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On the international stage ho international trade to be included in the focus of one of the company's work
Updated:2015/4/20 10:46:29
Recently, the author from the company's strategic research department learned that, our company officially opened the international trade business, the company's products officially into the international stage.
According to reports, open the international business is an international business company means after a long time for the official opening of the channel of international trade, the opening is mainly based on several reasons: one is all the customer requirements and open, there have been Malaysia and a number of foreign customers and our company to discuss, hope for a long time international trade; the two is the company products into the international arena, the level of the company's products and technology continue to improve, now has access to the international level, some of the products is more than similar foreign products, so the ho products into international stage is necessary; three is to communicate more through such a platform with foreign counterparts, continue to receive the production and technology of international advanced experience, so as to improve our own level.
In addition, with the development of international trade business, open, international trade company is a foreign work, the Department has gathered a large number of high level of business, professional staff, has begun to discuss work with all international customers. While the international trade business is also gradually into the important work of the project.