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Ho became Deutz Diesel Engine Factory Dalian only domestic suppliers stop oil solenoid valve
Updated:2015/4/20 10:44:13
Recently, the company and DEUTZ Dalian Diesel Engine Factory formally signed the agreement, becoming the only one stop oil solenoid valve supplier, this not only marks the company's product was in line with international standards, has become a new milepost localization in Dalian Diesel Engine factory.
It is understood, DEUTZ Dalian Diesel Engine Factory is the only one to stop oil solenoid valve supplier, after the products are imported configuration, not only expensive, but also is a difficult task for domestic auto parts field impregnable. The company through the technology research and development constantly repeated experiments and tens of millions of times, finally developed from both the quality and appearance are more than the import level of high-end stop oil solenoid valve, the product not only technical inspection by FAW Automobile Research Center, won the national quality certification. Thus, the company has become the only one in Dalian Diesel Engine factory to stop oil solenoid valve manufacturers to provide.
At present, a variety of models of Da officially entered the field assembly stage, companies have started to mass production. With the cooperation of Deutz Diesel is just a beginning, the author from the company's Technology Department learned, the next step will have more products and Deutz Diesel Engine Factory Dalian long-term cooperation, this cooperation also marks the company R & D and production capacity in the accessories are in line with international standards.