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Shanghai Zhenhao Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited is a set design, production, sales and international trade as one of professional auto parts manufacturer. The company has a pillar of electronic accelerator pedal, air preheater, stop oil solenoid valve three categories of products, from research and development to manufacturing industry chain has been formed stable.

The company's flagship product, 3754010A52D stop oil solenoid valve series, is currently the DEUTZ (FAW Dalian Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.) exclusive domestic products, the quality and quality has been fully replace imported products of the same type, and the model of air preheater developed by the company has become the cooperative work and deutz. In addition, the company also with the Austrian Jiangsu, Shaanxi Xi'an Baoji Cummins and maintained long-term stable cooperative relationship, the company with the cooperation of electronic accelerator pedal, stop oil solenoid valve products have become the mainstream in the professional line of parts.

In addition, Shanghai Zhenhao and more clients are working together to develop new areas of cooperation, seek to become a depth and breadth of professional auto parts supplier.

At present, the company not only has a set of efficient, reliable production process and improve the means of detection and testing equipment, but also in expanding production and technology, to further explore the cutting edge of technology strategy, and strive to develop and manufacture more internationalization, high quality auto parts products. Company to "Zhenye prosperous, feeling the world" as the core concept, "the pursuit of excellence, and create fine" guidelines for enterprises, and strive to continue to forge ahead, to provide customers with the most technology products with high quality and more perfect after sale service.